Shed Light on Your Electrical Problems

Request expert electrical repair services in Billings, MT

Do you know what's causing your lights to flicker or your power outlet to shock you when you plug in your phone charger? If not, it's time to get electrical repair services from Reddi Electric. We'll diagnose the issue and handle the repair process in a timely manner.

We answer electrical service calls in Billings, MT. Contact us today to get an estimate.

5 signs it's time to call an electrician

You probably need electrical repair services if:

1. Your circuit breaker keeps tripping.
2. Your lights flicker, dim or go out completely.
3. You notice a buzzing noise near your devices.
4. You notice a burning smell near your outlets.
5. Your outlets aren't producing power.

Electrical service calls are our specialty. Call 406-245-3141 now to schedule electrical repair services in the Billings, MT area.